Akhilakerala Ayurveda

Akhilakerala Ayurveda is a Clinic & Panchakarma Centre which emphasises on health oriented life and also to cure the diseased state of mind & body. Akhilakerala Ayurveda is founded to reinvigorate, physical strength and health, especially of women who are seemed to be the edifice of the family. Our indubitable and refulgent set up really originated from Dr. Akhila who is a scholar of Ayurveda and qualified specialist in Prasutika Tantra and Stree Roga. Dr. Akhila has set up her carrier along with the worldly renounced Poojya Swami Nirmalanandagiri Maharaj, Sree Narayana Pharmacy Ottappalam.

Ayurvedic Panchakarama remains as an incontestable way of treatment for exulting resistance power and strength of the body and no other method of treatment is available to retribute it. Please come and join with us to desist your needs. Please take note that we have no other devices and you can trust upon us. We hereby offer infallible service. We hold on to ‘Prevention is better than cure’ a path to coming generation. We look forward to the project on Soothika Paricharya – treatment given after delivery to the women.

Garbha raksha and its importance.

Garbha raksha merely means protection of garbha (fetus) by the pregnant woman by following proper month wise diet and regimen. This will enhance an easy delivery and a completely healthy baby. If Garbha raksha is followed in a rite way then there will be no issues during and after pregnancy. At the time of delivery she can withstand the pain and strain of labour and also have an eventless postpartal phase.

How a pregnant woman should be?

The woman should
always remain:

  • Pleasant and Clean.
  • Wear white garments.
  • Worship god.
  • Respect elders.
  • Indulge in comfortable activities.
  • Take food according to her wish.

Pregnant woman
should not:

  • Sit in improper places or postures.
  • Never lie in an improper place or posture.
  • Have unhealthy food habits.
  • Indulge in unhealthy lifestyle.

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  • The food consumed by her will become congenial to the child, so should preferably take light, sweet and unctuous substances, which also will be best for digestion.

  • The diet has to be followed considering the place of living, the climatic condition and her capacity of digestion.

Our Services

Prenatal care

(medicines) for those who would stick on to
ayurvedic medicines with their will & wish.

Postnatal care

(therapies, medicines & food)
also care for the baby.

Panchakarma therapies

Abhyangam, Pathra Swedam, Choorna Swedam,
Udwarthanam, Dhara, Vasti, Avaghaham,
Upanaham etc. based on clinical condition.

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