Diet (Pathyam) and Life-style

Pathyam is an essential part of the treatment. How food is need for an hungry person, Pathyam plays such a role in a diseased person to regulate the imbalance in the body. It also plays an important part in the healthy person to move on with a clarified life. Pathyam plays an important role to maintain the equilibrium of the body.

Pathyam towards good health

Pathyam/diet chart will be provided to the patient based on his condition. As pathya differs from each person due to the compatibility of dietary of articles.

In general, the patient is asked to discard unwholesome food & lifestyle from their routine; which is to be practised as a lifetime regimen.

Sour, hot & spicy items, baked & fried foods, unhealthy drinks, unripe fruits etc. should be avoided.

Loud speech, travelling in vehicles especially two wheelers for long distance, excessive walking, intake of food during indigestion, excessive intake of food, day sleep etc. should be avoided specially if undergoing therapies.